OMNI Console Sync Instructions:

Turn on the Display Panel, leave OMNI wheel powered off.


Press and hold MODE for 10 seconds, you should see a flashing number, this is your wheel size either 26 or 28 depending on your kit

Press POWER button ONCE and then MODE button ONCE, you will see a flashing SET –


Once you see this flashing, hold the display panel next to the wheel and turn the OMNI wheel on – you have 10 seconds to complete this procedure.

If your Resync is successful, ODO will appear on the left of SET


Press and hold POWER to turn the display panel off

If your Resync is unsuccessful, you will see DIST appear on the right.


If this occurs, turn the OMNI wheel off, and press the POWER button on the display panel three (3) times – this will bring you back to the SET function, and you can retry the procedure.

Once you see ODO, press and hold POWER to turn off the display console.

Turn on the display panel, and you should see battery level indication in the center, signal strength on the bottom left, and console charge on the bottom right of the screen.