To test the key electrical outputs, a multimeter/voltmeter is an invaluable tool. To begin the test, first you will need to set up the multimeter. Altogether, this whole test can be done in less than 2 minutes.

Set the dial to a DC voltage setting of 200, as indicated by the arrow in the picture below.   The red wire gets plugged into the "VΩmA" socket, and the black wire gets plugged into the "COM" socket.

Now the test can begin. We are looking to get 2 readings: 1) the output of the charger, 2) the charge port of the battery (where you plug in the charger).

For the charger: Plug the charger into the wall. The light on the charger should be green. carefully touch the red probe from the voltmeter to where the red arrow below is pointing and the black probe to where the black arrow is pointing (Your charger will look slightly different, but the same concept applies).

Record the number shown on the screen of the meter, like this. If the voltage jumps around, that is fine-- we are just trying to determine if current is flowing

For the charge port on the Omni wheel, connect the probes as shown below, and record the number shown on the screen of the meter. The middle port is not used (marked "2" if you look very closely).


Please reply to this email with your test results and we'll work with you to resolve this issue.