TheThe Quest One has a slightly different handlebar assembly procedure than what is shown in the Owner's Manual. The manual is written using a sample bike, and there are minor changes between the sample and the production version. Timing simply doesn't allow last minute changes to the manual without delaying production. My apologies for the confusion caused!

1. Start by loosening the Handlebar Height Clamp screw as shown below (A 2mm allen wrench is required)

2.  Open the lever on the Clamp and lift the clamp up off the Lower Stem Tube

3.  Slide the Clamp onto the Upper Stem Tube as shown. The Clamp Lever should be pointing forward and on the left side of the bike, as viewed from the saddle. (The side without the chain)

4.  Slide the Upper Stem Tube into the Lower Stem Tube. It should only go in one way, so orientation should not be a problem.

5.   Slide the Handlebar Height Clamp down onto the Lower Stem Tube. Be sure to line up the screw with the threaded hole in the tube. Tighten the screw.

6.  Set the handlebar to the desired height and close the lever on the clamp. The lever need not be overly tight, but should leave an imprint in your palm for a few moments. The nut opposite the lever controls how tight it is.