Removing the rear wheel on a Delta can be done with  few tools, primarily a 15mm wrench and wire cutters (optional). It is strongly recommended that you read through the entire process before beginning, then following along with the instructions as you work.

1) Rotate the NuVinci shifter so the Cable End Hardware is rotated towards the rear of the bike (On the Shifter, the display will show "flat"), then invert the bike (article with related information here:  INVERTING BIKE FOR SERVICE ).

2) Lift the metal lever to release the first cable from the black plastic part (known as the hub interface)

3) Unseat the cable housing from the Hub Interface:

4) Remove the other piece of cable end hardware from the Hub Interface:

5) Unseat the second cable housing from the Hub Interface, and move both cables clear of the rear wheel.

DO NOT MOVE THE SHIFTER WHEN THE CABLES ARE DISCONNECTED This can cause them to unseat from internal tracks within the shifter,

possibly causing damage. Pulling on cables is OK. Twisting the shifter is not.

6) Loosen both axle nuts with a wrench (15mm is ideal), remove them by turning counter-clockwise. Remove the black "no turn" washers.  Set these parts aside for later.

7) Lift the wheel free of the bike.  Note that the chain has been removed from the cog.

8) Re-installing the wheel requires that you  get the chain on the cog while lowering into position. Pay attention to the

brake disc as it slides into the brake caliper.

9) Rotate the Hub Interface so that it is even with the frame, and turn the axle so that the axle flats are perpendicular to the slots in the frame:

10) Slide the no turn washers onto each side of the axle, taking care to place the tab into the slot of the frame:

11) Center the wheel and screw both nuts on by hand, taking care to not "cross thread" them.  Once finger tight, use the wrench to securely tighten the nuts on both sides.


13) Re-install the first cable by placing the housing in the Hub Interface as shown, and inserting the small piece of cable end hardware in the pocket

closest to the small hole. Once in position, pull firmly on the other piece of cable end hardware to remove slack in the system.

14) In a similar fashion, seat the other cable housing, wrap the cable in the groove, and replace the other cable end hardware by inserting

into the remaining pocket and flipping the lever down. This requires pulling very firmly on the cable to get it into place.

Take the bike on a very short ride to test the rear brake, and to shift the NuVinci the full range to see if there are any issues.  If there are,

simply contact us at, or call 877-991-7272 for advice.

Otherwise, enjoy riding!