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Thanks for your interest in our e-bikes.

You can read more about the Atlas HERE.

You can read more about the Omega HERE.

You can read more about the Aurora Limited HERE.

You can read more about the Aurora Hub HERE.

You can read more about the Galaxy 500 HERE.

You can read more about the Dash HERE.

You can read more about the Compass HERE.

If you don't already know about our industry-leading 4-year warranty, I recommend you take a look HERE. Combine that with our exceptional customer service and you will have a live person to call or email with questions 7 days a week. You can learn about the EVELO experience HERE.

Our MotionDrive system, which is the use of a mid-drive motor paired with an internally geared hub to promote efficiency and power, also happens to be low maintenance and durable. THIS VIDEO explains how the Enviolo N380 CVT functions, which is the most commonly used internally geared hub in our lineup.

THIS VIDEO explains throttle and PAS (pedal assist) use.

Tricycles handle differently from two-wheeled models because you cannot lean the trike in turns and this causes a long learning curve or possible dislike for the product. If you are able to ride a two-wheeled bicycle, we highly recommend you go that route because it will actually be more stable once in motion, especially in turns. If you cannot ride a bicycle, then a tricycle is a great fit, however, it should be noted that turns should be taken slowly. For more details on the differences between riding a tricycle versus a bicycle, take a look at the following link.

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