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STOP! Prevent Bike Damage.

Since the inception of, we have shipped over 100,000 packages and counting all over the world.  Unfortunately, damage does occasionally occur in certain situations, most of which are preventable.

The leading cause of unpaid damage claims is insufficient packing material.  After 25 years of shipping, we have found the tried-and-true method of using newspaper (3 sheets crumpled up into a ball) to be the most effective shock absorber.  Because newspaper is inexpensive and protects well, it is the perfect packing material.

If newspaper is not available we recommend using recycled shrink wrap packaging or small cell bubble-wrap.  We have also found that wrapping the bicycle tubes with pipe insulation helps prevent possible scratches.

In 2019, our field test found that filling all voids in the shipping container reduces damage by over 80%.  Bicycles are meant to ship upright but, in some cases while in transit, they can be laid flat in trucks or on conveyor belts.

By taking an extra 5 minutes to fill all voids in your package and using the methods described above, you can reduce the chance of damage to your bicycle.

prevent bike damage

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