Adjusting/Replacing Aurora Limited Handlebar Controls

Below are instructions for how to remove/loosen all handlebar components on the Aurora Limited model.

Loosen the clamping hardware on the underside of the left grip with a 2.5mm allen key. See the image below:

Loosen the hardware on the end of the right grip with a 5mm allen key. See the image below:

Once the grips are off, loosen the brakes using a 4mm allen key. You don't have to take the hardware out all the way, just loosen (2-4 turns of one bolt is enough) so the brake lever is free to move.


Loosen the clamping bolt on the underside of the throttle using a 3mm allen key.

Loosen the clamping bolt for the control buttons using a 3mm allen key.

Remove the clamping bolts for the display using a 3mm allen key. These should come all the way out to make it easier.

Loosen the clamping bolt on the shifter with a 3mm allen key. Note there are other pieces of hardware that are easier to see, but are not the right ones. The clamping bolt is tucked away a bit and is a black cap head bolt.

You should be able to slide all the controls off the end of the bars without removing the bars from the stem first, but I tend to take the stem faceplate off and then slide everything off with the bars once they are free of the stem. Likewise, I tend to slide the controls onto the bars before installation but it's easier to end with clean wire routing if you install the bars into the stem first and then slide the controls on.

When you install the components you want to have them all on the bars but loose. Then you place the grip first and move inboard to the next component (shifter on the right and brake on the left). This way you have the proper placement based on grip length and position.

Clamping down the controls is the reverse of the removal instructions. Make sure not to overtighten the hardware on the control buttons, throttle, or shifter as this can cause them to jam. You want them as loose as possible, but tight enough so that they do not move when you use them.

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