Enviolo Automatiq App Update - 042923

Enviolo has introduced a new app for their Automatiq shifting system. The AUTOMATiQ app still provides tried and tested features like; calibration, cadence setting, flashing of the latest AHI firmware and ‘start after stop’ functionality. The user experience will be slightly different though as the process has been simplified. 

The new interface removes a number of settings that aren't needed for most users and provides a bit more information to use on the back end for troubleshooting. 

The core experience of setting your desired cadence, starting gear, and calibrating the system is largely the same, though it does look different now. 

We have a video that shows how to use the new app:

Enviolo has shared a number of videos explaining the new app:

As ever, please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. 

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