Modifying a front fender to install on a Delta

Small modifications to the fender are required to install the front fender in the Delta. You will need safety glasses, a drill, a 1/4' drill bit (slightly smaller or larger can work), and a block of wood.

The goal is to remove the two aluminum rivets shown here:

1) Invert the fender, and place the block of wood under the tab so that you can bear down as you drill.

2) Start the drill while holding the fender firmly. At some point, the bit may begin spinning the rivet -- increase pressure so that the head of the rivet against the block of wood creates enough friction to stop the rivet from spinning.

3) Once the shoulder of the rivet has been drilled away, you can push it through the fender.  There is no need to drill all the way through, just enough to allow the rivet to release.

4) Repeat with the other rivet.

5) Simply feed a zip tie through the holes and around the bridge on the fork, zip it tight, and trim.

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