Installing handlebar grips

Installing Handlebar grips.

Replacing your stock grips is a straightforward procedure.  It takes just a few minutes.  

Removing the grip from the handlebar is required to change the handlebars. One method that uses common household items is described here.

First, pry the end plug out of the handlebar.  Delta models have lock rings that require a 2.5mm allen wrench to loosen (image further below).

On the Delta / Delta X, the right side has one lock ring,  the left side has 2.  Loosen the bolt and remove them. You won't need them if installing other grips.

Slide a zip tie under the grip to create a gap, then flood the gap with rubbing alcohol. the zip tie only needs to go in about 1.5" to provide the gap required. Pinching the grip to open a starting place is helpful. The alcohol lubricates the grip which can be twisted and slid off the end of the handlebar. Remove both grips.

To install the new grips, again, use rubbing alcohol as a lubricant to slide them on the handlebar.  Adjust to a position you like.

Slide the "horn" onto the handlebar, adjust the angle and securely tighten the bolt on the underside to clamp it onto the bar. 

Make sure the grips are firmly in place before riding. If you used alcohol, this can take a few hours, but 15 minutes is more likely.

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