Basket Installation for Aurora Models

The following are instructions on installing the EVELO Rear Basket onto an Aurora.

Tools necessary for this repair are a socket wrench, an articulated joint for the socket wrench, 15mm socket, 8mm socket, 8mm box wrench, 4mm Allen Key (not pictured), and 5mm Allen Key.

The first thing you will want to do is remove the rear light using the 8mm box wrench or socket - 2 bolts secure it:

Once the rear light is off you can begin installing the basket using the provided brackets

We recommend using the socket wrench underneath the rack while holding the 4mm allen wrench with the other hand...this allows you to screw from both sides and speed up the process. 

Make sure the bolts are tight as they may loosen due to road vibrations. 

Once all the brackets are installed and securing the basket to the rear rack, then the bamboo board can be installed.

We recommend again using both the socket wrench and the 5mm allen key simultaneously to speed up the process:

Make sure all the bolts are secured again as they may loosen due to road vibrations

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