Kinekt Stem Installation - 50 degree version

Prepare your Kinekt stem by removing the cap on the top. Do this by removing the little hex bolt, the cover comes off by pulling up.

Keep the bicycle upright with the weight resting on the tires (wheels on the ground).

Loosen clamping bolts on Stargazer stem with a 4mm allen key.

Lift the rubber cap on the top of the stem. Under it is the headset compression bolt; it is in a vertical position. Remove this bolt completely using a 5mm allen key.

Pull the Stargazer stem off the steer tube of the bicycle. If the wheels are on the ground there will be no issues, but if the wheels are off the ground make sure the fork doesn't fall out of the frame.

Without removing any headset spacers, put the Kinekt stem onto the steer tube.

Install the compression bolt. It will be in a vertical position and fits into the hole found on the top of the stem.

Slide the stem over the top of the steer tube. Make sure the clamping bolts are loose enough not to cause binding. Push the stem all the way down and then install the compression bolt. Using a 5mm allen key tighten this bolt until it is snug. Proper tension of this bolt is important. You want to tighten it just enough so that the headset spacers will not spin when you attempt to turn them with two fingers. Too tight will hinder steering and wear bearings quickly, too loose and you feel a knocking/rocking motion under braking power or when riding.

HINT: It is often helpful to rock(wiggle/jostle) the stem/fork while tightening the compression bolt so that things fall into proper alignment. It is also best to do this adjustment with the bicycle resting both wheels on the ground. Rocking the bike is easiest by holding the front brake lever and pushing/pulling the handlebars.

Line up the stem with the front tire and tighten the horizontal clamping bolts.

Install the cap on the top of the stem and install the hex screw that holds it on.

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