EVELO Dash Assembly Instructions.

Your EVELO Dash is fully assembled at the factory and ready to ride. It is shipped in the folded position with the seat post removed. The battery is pre-installed. 

The Dash simply needs to have the packing removed, to be unfolded, and the seat installed, and for the seat and handlebars set to a comfortable position. 

After removing the packaging, ensure that the battery is locked into position. Insert the key (attached to the handlebar wiring) into the lock cylinder, visible when the bike is folded, and turn the key counterclockwise to lock it in place. The battery should be locked in place when using the bike. You can remove the battery for charging, or charge it installed in the bike:

 fold the main latch into position until you feel a secure click. If the main latch feels loose, tighten the tension screw on the latch by turning it counter-clockwise and relock the latch:

Fold the handlebars to the up position and secure the latch into position. Once the latch is secure, raise or lower the handlebars into a comfortable position and secure the quick release lever. Do not raise the handlebars past the minimum insertion line: 

Unfold the pedals be flipping then down into position. To fold the pedals back up, simply press the pedal body in and fold to the up position. 

For more information, please view the following video: Dash Assembly Video

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