Why are your bikes more expensive than other brands?

EVELO produces Top Tier bicycles at a Mid Tier price point. eBikes can go all the way up to $10k+, so we focus specifically on the $2,400 - $4,500 price range. While there may be some sticker shock, we offer a ton of unique features that make our models quite competitive, such as our Carbon Belt Drive, Mid Drive Motor systems, the NuVinci CVT System, as well as our 4 Year 20,000 Mile Warranty.

Take a look at our Warranty here: https://www.evelo.com/warranty-overview/

Here’s a video on our Gearing Systems: https://www.evelo.com/blog/continuously-variable-transmission-cvt-on-evelo-electric-bikes/

Here’s another video on the Gates Belt: https://www.evelo.com/blog/video-gates-belt-drive-for-an-electric-bike/

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