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The following images should be helpful when boxing a bike for shipping.  They are taken from the Assembly video of the Aurora. It may be useful to use the assembly video/instructions (in reverse) for your particular model as an aid for boxing.

You will want tape, padding (cardboard, bubble wrap, foam, etc), and zip ties. 

Negligent packing that is the cause of shipping damage can result in a reduced refund. The main objective here is to fill spaces and reduce movement within the box.

1) Install Battery-if not installed will result in a large fine (HazMat regulations for shipping e-bikes)

2) Remove pedals.  NOTE: the Left pedal unscrews clockwise.  The Right pedal has standard threading and unscrews counter-clockwise.

3) Remove the front wheel. After it is removed from the bike, remove the skewer from the axles and place pieces in a small parts box.

4) Remove front fender and light.  The light will need to be unplugged -- placed in a small parts box. Re-install bolts and other hardware in bike so they don't get lost.

5) Remove handlebars.  Re-install faceplate and bolts.

6) If the bicycle has a quick-release front wheel, install plastic fork block packaging.
If the bicycle has a through axle, thread it back into the fork.

7)  Rotate the fork 180 deg so it is facing rearwards (note this picture shows the stem removed-your should remain installed.

The bike is now ready to receive protective packaging (bubble wrap, foam, cardboard -- anything that will protect the paint and parts from damage)
note-this picture shows the stem removed-your stem should be installed

Zip tie the handlebars to the side of the bike.  Take extra care to protect the display panel -- it is vulnerable.
You can also zip tie the handlebars vertically to the fork leg.

The front-wheel will go on the opposite side of the bike as the handlebars.  It may be easier to add the wheel once the bike is
in the box. Protect the frame from rubbing from the disc brake, axle, etc.

If you have questions, just let us know!

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