Enviolo hardware torque specs


enviolo IGH CT/CO/CA/TR Other parts 
Axle nuts30-40NmCable hardware1.5-2Nm
Brake adapter + Loctite 277 or similar55-65NmController2-2.5Nm
Interface locknut10-15NmHub Magnet Ring1Nm
Spline nut9-10NmController cable cover screw0.2-0.3Nm (handtight)
enviolo IGH SP (135mm) enviolo IGH SP (142/148mm) 
Torque adapter screws2.5-3NmTorque adapter screws2.5-3Nm
Double threaded axle adapters10-15NmInterface adapter10-15Nm
Axle nuts30-40NmDropout adapter (not threaded in all cases)5-10Nm
  Axle bolts10-15Nm 

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