Aftermarket 26" Tire Options

Below are some alternate tire options for the Aurora Limited, Omega, or Aurora Sport. If you use a knobby tire consider going down to a 2.6 so that fender rubbing is minimized. 

Pavement/ Hardpacked options

26x2.8 Vee Tire Speedster

26x2.5 Surly Extraterrestrial

26x2.5 Maxxis Hookeworm

26x2.4 Schwalbe Super Moto X

26x2.35 Schwalbe Big Apple

26x2.35 Schwalbe Pick Up

Knobby Options

26x2.8 WTB Ranger

this tire isnt being manufactured anymore but was a great knobby option if you can find it

26x2.5 Maxxis Minion

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