Where are your bikes made?

EVELO Bicycles are manufactured with international components from China, Taiwan, The Netherlands, and the United States, with final assembly taking place in Taiwan. It is worth noting that all electric bicycles, regardless of brand, feature the majority of their components from Asia, and this has been industry standard since before eBikes were even a thing. With such a large population, Bicycles have been a large part of Asian culture, and it makes sense that the majority of bicycles worldwide are manufactured here.  

The EVELO team itself is spread between Seattle, Washington, Boston, Massachusetts, New York City, New York, and multiple locations in Asia. This distributed network allows us to offer the best Quality Control, Technical Support, and Customer Service available in the industry.

Check out this blog post for more info about how we operate: https://www.evelo.com/blog/manufacturing-in-asia/

Also, our transparent pricing blog post is interesting as well:


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