NuVinci Shifter Adjustment - Manual Shifter difficult to shift.

Here are some videos and photos that will help to explain this simple procedure.  The short version:  you are trying to relocate the cable end hardware slightly further down the cable.

 First, flip up the metal tab on the rear hub as shown:  (this metal tab IS the cable end hardware)

This video may help illustrate getting this one piece only need to watch the first 15 seconds or so:

Then, get your 2mm allen wrench, and loosen the set screw just enough that you can slide the hardware AWAY from the cable housing (so that the hardware is closer to the end of the cable) by about 1/8". Later, you will be able to adjust out any excess slack using the barrels at the shifter.

Then, re-tighten the set screw (quite firmly so it doesn't slip), and reinstall the cable end hardware on the hub as shown in this video.  Fast Forward to about 1:10

Getting the hardware OFF will be the hardest part (because it is so tight) it should go on quite a bit easier (but never as easy as they show in the video!)

Once it's all back together, take it for a ride.  You can tighten the cables by unscrewing the barrels if needed-- you can feel "stops" every 1/4 turn. I would go 1/2 turn at a time and test.

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