Proper quick release skewer installation

It is important to place the springs correctly. The narrow side has to be inboard with one spring on either side of the hub. Below is the proper sequence of parts on the quick-release skewer.

Undo nut and remove one spring. Insert skewer as shown below. Whether you enter from the brake side or the non-brake side doesn't matter much, although there will be more space if done from the non-brake side.

Put other spring on with narrow side against hub axle as shown below. Screw on the nut.

The end result will look as seen below.

When installing the wheel in the fork, make sure to fold the quick release lever closed. IT IS NOT A WINGNUT. It is important to find the proper tension by adjusting the nut and then folding the quick release lever shut. This is best done as follows:

1. Insert the wheel into fork dropouts

2. Fold quick release lever shut

3. Tighten nut until it is tight

4. Fold quick release lever open

5. Turn nut 1-2 more rotations

6. Fold quick release lever shut (should require some force, but not require tools)

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