My brakes rub. How do I fix it?

If your brakes make a bit of noise when the wheel rotates, this is an easy fix.  You want to first inspect the rotor itself, which is the round portion attached to the wheel. If this is not straight, you can bend this back into place with your hand, or with the help of an adjustable wrench, fully compressed on the rotor itself.

For adjusting Mechanical Disc Brakes (cable) - check out the following tutorial:

For adjusting Hydraulic Disc Brakes  -

Make sure the caliper mounting bolts are loose enough for the caliper to move from side to side, but tight enough that it can't move away from the fork more than just a small amount. 

Apply and release the brake four or five times and then hold the lever so that the brake is applied.
Gently tighten one of the caliper mounting bolts a small amount, then the other. Continue alternately tightening the bolts in small steps until they are tight; three rounds of tightening is ideal, but if it takes you longer, no big deal. Doing it this way helps prevent the torque on the bolt from moving the caliper. Release the lever. 

Apply the brake a few more times then give the wheel a spin to see if the rotor rubs on the pads. 

If you need to chase it further, this article does a great job of explaining the process:

If you’re still experiencing difficulty, any local bicycle shop can handle adjustment and parts replacement on any EVELO model.

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