How to properly store your EVELO Electric Bicycle

The most important thing you can do is to properly care for the battery. The steps below are simple and can prevent a significant expense later on.

  • Remove the battery from the bike. Keeping it connected will diminish the stored charge over time, potentially leading to issues.

  • Store it in a temperature-controlled environment. The battery should be stored where the temperature is between -4 deg and 140 deg F (-20 deg and  60 deg C). Room temperature is best.

  • Charge the battery fully. This should take place when the battery is between 32 deg and 113 deg F (0 deg and 45 deg C).  If your battery has been in the cold, let it warm up for a few hours before plugging in your charger.

  • Disconnect the charger.  Leaving the battery plugged in for extended periods isn’t good for it.

  • If your battery sits for more than 60 days, connect the charger again. If you do this, remember to adhere to the above temperature parameters, and disconnect the battery from the charger once charging is complete.

The bike itself doesn’t require much, but a few things can be done preventatively. There is no harm in having the bike stored where it is cold.

  • Inflate your tires fully.  All bike tires lose air over time.  Inflating your tires to the maximum rated pressure will help prevent flat spots as the bike sits. The recommended tire pressure is molded into the sidewall of the tire and is also listed in your Owner’s Manual.

  • If your bike has a chain, lubricate it.  A product such as “Tri-Flow” is a good choice. Your local bike shop will have other acceptable products and recommendations. The point is to lightly coat the chain to prevent rust and corrosion -- using a rag, wipe off excess lubricant as it will attract dirt.  If your bike has a Gates belt, no service is required.

Wipe down the bike and cover it if possible. A damp rag is all that is needed, and if you have a bike cover, tarp, or old blanket to drape over it, that will have your bike looking great and ready for you when it's time to ride!

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