How to use Pedal Assistance and Throttle Modes


On the left side of the handlebars are the controls for the motor. 

The thumb lever operates the throttle, which works once the bike is powered on.  It requires no pedaling from the rider and works from 0 mph on the Aurora.  The further you depress the lever, the faster the bike will go. To decrease power or let off throttle power, remove pressure on the lever a little or completely, allowing the lever to travel upwards to its neutral position of throttle disengaged.

The "+" and "-" buttons change the PAS level.  "+" increases the PAS Level and "-" reduces it.  Higher numbers offer more boost.  The sensors in the system detect that you are pedaling, and the PAS level adds to your efforts.  Once you determine what PAS level you like, there is no need to change it. This means that if you are pedaling, you don't need to hold the throttle.  If you need a little additional power from the motor (when climbing a hill, for example), you can use the throttle to temporarily increase motor power without needing to change the PAS level.

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