Adjusting Luna and Orion 36 Volt Controller Position


Here are the instructions for adjusting the controller. You're going to need to make a quick trip to the hardware store for two items:

  • two 1/4" split lock washers (the split is key, because it helps provide tension
  • a 4mm hex key (unless you have a set of hex/Allen keys with you while you're traveling).

First, remove the battery. Next, loosen the two 4mm bolts that are underneath the controller (the part into which the battery slides). You need to remove the 4mm hex bolt, but you don't need to remove the controller. You will need to position the washer over the bolt hole, which is the tricky part of the operation. A butter knife or a business card can work well, along with some patience. Then slide the bolt up into the controller.

The photo below shows the washer placement:

Once the bolts are in place, thread them in but do not tighten them. Then, install the battery, lock it and tighten the bolts. Be careful not to over-tighten them as the aluminum rack is fairly soft.

This should help the connectivity of the battery/controller interface and solve the issue of power cutting out. 

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