Adjusting Quest Folding Lever Tension 011218

To adjust the tension/pressure on the Quest lever at the main hinge, you will need a 2mm allen wrench.

First, open the lever, then, using the 2mm allen wrench loosen the set screw shown here (no need to remove it -- just back it off about 2 turns or so.)

Then, using your finger and thumb, reach into the lever and rotate the barrel. Backing it out will reduce tension/pressure, and turning it in toward the bike will increase the tension/ pressure.  This is a trial and error process -- turn it a bit, close the lever to test the new setting, repeat until you achieve the desired balance between ease of use and security of the closure.  One guideline here:  the lever should require enough pressure to leave a slight impression on your hand when closing it.  If the pressure is too light, the frame may not be secured and compromise riding safety!

If the barrel is difficult to turn by hand, there is a small slot at the end that will accept a flat blade screwdriver:

Once the desired pressure is achieved, re-tighten the 2mm set screw to hold the setting.

Please reach out to our Customer Service team if you have any questions!

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