Harmony Wheel Removal (Aurora Limited, Galaxy)

Disconnect Harmony by pulling plug opposite direction of the white arrow. Sleeve is spring loaded and will unlock.

Loosen axle nut with 15mm wrench. No need to touch any of the other hardware. Hold on to the wheel as once the second axle nut is loosened the wheel will move (fall out if it is in a stand, not an issue if you are doing this upside down).

The wheel will come out of the frame at this point with the belt still on the cog. Notice the slack in the belt as the wheel moves out of the dropouts.

Lift the belt off to the right. There should be enough slack in the belt to do so.

At this point you can do whatever task is needed (flat fix, disc rotor replacement, etc.) Remember not to inflate the tire yet as to allow for clearance to the kickstand.

Install the wheel by putting it in the frame and lifting the belt back onto the cog. The axle is not in the dropouts yet and nothing is attached.

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