Removing and replacing Dash rear wheel - Shimano Nexus 3 Speed

Removing and replacing the rear wheel on your Dash is a pretty straightforward job to do:

Use a 10mm wrench or 5mm allen key to loosen the bolt indicated below so that you can remove the shifter click-box.

Remove the shifting pin from inside the axle and set it aside. It needs to be clean and greased upon installation, so set aside in a clean place.

Loosen both axle nuts.

Turn the 10mm nut counterclockwise to lower belt tension. You will likely want to turn it at least 10 times to reduce the tension enough to lift the belt off the chainring.

Once the tension is lowered enough, you can lift the belt from the chainring.

The belt will have enough slack now in order to move it clear off to the right side of the hub/frame so that the wheel can slide out towards the rear.

Installation is the same as removal but in reverse.

See the images below for the sequence of axle hardware. The chain tensioner is inboard of the frame on the right side.

Ensure that the anti-rotation washer on the left is engaged in the slot of the drop-out.

Increase belt tension to proper specs (1/2 inch deflection). Theoretically, you would turn the tensioner nut the same amount of times you loosened earlier, however, this would assume it was correct to begin with. Tensioning a Gates Carbon belt.

Align the wheel straight and tighten down the two axle nuts.  Re-insert the shifting pin, and reattach the shifting mechanism.

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