Bleeding Zoom HB-875E Brakes

AGENT: feel free to remove the images bleed kit instructions - some have come without the funnel or instructions in English.

If the brake lever pulls farther than it should or the brake lever feel is spongy, the brakes need to be bled. To do this a bleed kit compatible with Zoom brakes and mineral oil is required.

The bleed kit you got from us will require you to set up the proper adapters for the Zoom brakes to the funnel and syringe. You will then fill up the syringe with 20 ml of mineral oil and attach it to the bleed port on the brake caliper. The funnel will be threaded to the brake lever after the syringe is attached.

 After that the process for bleeding the brakes is the same as outlined in the video below.

Bleed kit instructions:

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