Sturmey Archer 5 Speed Shifter Adjustment - Dash

Over time, you may need to adjust the shifting on your Sturmey Archer internally geared hub - this is especially common on new bikes as the cables stretch and settle a bit.  This is a very easy adjustment and can typically be done in a few minutes without any tools. 

  1. Start with the bike in fifth gear.
  2. Shift to second, and give the wheel a spin to make sure it completes the shift.
  3. Turn the barrel adjustor on the shifter until the two yellow indicators are aligned with each other.
  4. Shift back to fifth gear and spin the wheel.
  5. Shift back to second gear and turn the crank at least one full rotation.
  6. Check again if two yellow indicators are aligned with each other. 
  7. Repeat process if yellow indicators are not aligned.


Here are the factory instructions:

Finally, here's a video that shows the process (it's on a 4 speed hub, but the 5 speed on your bike is the same: Sturmey Archer Internal Hub adjustment.

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