Removing/Installing Atlas/Omega lock

This process is necessary to replace a lock set and access wires in the frame. 

Take the battery off the bike

Remove the 3 philips button head bolts indicated by the yellow arrows. These fasten the plastic cover over the lock mechanism. Remove the 3 countersunk philips screws circled in red. These mount the lock to the frame.

Grab the plastic cover by the little triangular tab indicated in the picture below. You will wiggle the cover as you pull if out of the frame separately from the lock behind it. Once the cover comes off, the lock will fall out, so be careful to catch it, but the cover has to come off first, so that the lock can come out of the frame.

Now you can see up into the frame and find the lost throttle wire. The plug has a black cap over the yellow portion of the plug.

Feed the throttle out of the frame and through the grommet.

Install the lock into the frame. Hold it in place by threading in, but not tightening the countersunk bolt indicated below

Then put the plastic lock cover back into place.

Install the other 2 countersunk philips bolts followed by the 3 button head bolts that hold the cover on but leave them loose. Once they are all threaded in you will want to tighten them down.

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