Atlas Rear Wheel Removal

Undo the large cable anchor by pulling up on the tab and disengaging it from the hub interface.

Unseat the housing for the upper (underdrive )cable from the hub interface.

Align the cable perpendicular to the circumference of the hub interface and pull up to disengage the underdrive anchor.

Disengage the housing for the lower (overdrive) cable from the hub interface.

Loosen the axle nuts on both sides. The wheel is heavy, if the bike is elevated, be ready to catch it as it comes out the drop outs downwards. NOTE: It helps to have the kickstand open.

Lift the belt off the cog to the left to free the wheel.

Do whatever process you need before the wheel is installed again. 

To install the wheel line it up between the stays and lift the belt into place on the cog. Note the belt is engaged on the chainring and cog before the axles are slid into the drop out.

Line up the rotor between the brake pads and push the axle up into the drop outs. Tighten the axle nuts once you have ascertained that the axle is all the way engaged in the drop out.

Hook the upper (underdrive) cable anchor in hub interface by lining up the flat parts of the anchor hardware as seen below.

Seat the cable housing for the upper (underdrive) cable in the hub interface stop at the front end (point A in picture below). If there is extra slack in this cable, pull from the overdrive cable that is still loose (point B).

Seat the lower (overdrive) cable housing in the hub interface. 

Pull the overdrive cable anchor and wrap it around the circumference of the hub interface. It fits into a groove down the middle. Insert the cable anchor into the slot (refer to very first picture above for close up). Fold the lever forward over the other cable anchor and snap it into place.

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