Torque Wrenches and Specs

  • You don't especially need a torque wrench unless you are particularly ham-fisted. 
    1. Personally, I keep a range of torque wrenches at home to suit various jobs
      1. Giustaforza Pro Torque Wrench - Go-to workhorse for nearly everything
      2. CDI Preset 5 Nm - Most cockpit components - I actually keep two of these on the bench, one with a 4mm bit and the other 5mm
      3. CDI Preset 6 Nm - Brake rotor bolts, some cockpit components
      4. SilcaTi-Torque - Really only useful for very tight spaces
      5. Snap On 3/8" Drive 5-75 ft lb - bottom brackets and cranks
    2. For the home user who must have all the tools, I would recommend a single torque wrench, the Pro Bikegear Torque Wrench
  • For cockpit components, 6 Nm is appropriate, same for brake rotor bolts. Crank bolts should be 30 ft lbs, same for axle nuts. Your thru-axle should be 12 Nm. For further reading, Park Tool has a great writeup.

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