Throttle Replacement - Most Models

To replace the throttle, first follow the wire away from the throttle about six inches where you will find a plastic bulge. This is the connector for the throttle and will split roughly in the middle when pulled apart. Please unplug that connector. This article may be helpful: Julet Connectors  

Remove the locking grip completely; there are two screws on the front and back of the outer edge of the grip. If you need more detail, full instructions can be found here: Remove Grips - Bolt-On, 2022+

Loosen the brake lever and remove it. Most models will have two 4mm allen screws as shown below. 

Loosen the throttle and remove it. Most models will have a single 3mm allen screw on the bottom. 

Leave at least 0.5mm of space between each component when tightening. Slide the new throttle on, followed by the brake and then the grip. Tighten all of them, starting with the grip. Ensure the brake lever is positioned evenly with the lever on the right side. Ensure the throttle and grip positions are appropriate. You can snug these down, wiggle them into place, then tighten them fully. Sit on the bike to ensure they're in the right spot.

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