The checking / resetting of the speed limiter is pretty easy...This is the sequence:


  1. Power up the system by pressing MODE for a few seconds.
  2. Enter the set-up menu by pressing UP and DOWN simultaneously for about 2 seconds.
  3. The first setting is the wheel diameter. For Aurora, Aries, or Luna,the setting should be "26 in", for Orion, the setting should be "700c"...if you need to change it, use the up arrow to scroll through the menu. When you are at the correct setting, press MODE to take you to the next item.
  4. This is the max speed setting-- always displayed in Kilometers per hour in this menu. It should be set at 33 kph to comply with the federal regulation of 20 miles per hour.The arrows will allow you to change this setting. Once set at 33 kph, press the MODE button again. 40 kph is the maximum setting, allowing motor assistance up to 24.9 mph. This is "off road" mode.
  5. This setting allows you to change the brightness of the back lighting....the arrows scroll through the options. When you reach a setting you like, press MODE.
  6. This is the final option in the set up menu-- Here you can choose either miles per hour, or kilometers per hour.  Make your choice-- then you can either go back to the beginning of the set-up menu by pressing mode again briefly, or to the main screen of operation by pressing and holding the MODE button for about 2 seconds.