Resolving Error 25 : Brake Sensor Issue

Wires at Front of FrameHolding either brake lever when MODE is pressed to power up the bike will result in Error 25. Releasing the brake lever will clear this code. The image below shows how Error 25 commonly occurs.

If Error 25 persists, turn off the bike, and then turn it back on without squeezing either lever.  If the trouble code still shows, follow the instructions below.

What to do if Error 25 persists?

Inside the brake lever housing, there is a sensor (one on each side) that is there to cut power to the motor when the brakes are applied. One of the sensors may be faulty, or out of adjustment.

  1. You'll need to determine which brake lever is causing the issue. The best way to do this is to unplug the brake lever wires one at a time to see which is at fault.  To unplug them, you'll need to extract the plugs hidden in the frame. This video shows how: Wires at Front of Frame
  2. There are two plugs you are looking for – they are identical – orange and yellow wires on one side of the plug, and blue and black on the other. They look like this:

  3. Unplug one of them and try the bike.  If the problem has gone away, then this was the cause.  If the problem persists, re-connect the first plug, and disconnect the second.  Now the bike should work.
  4. Once you have identified which connection is the source of the issue, reach out to our customer service department for a replacement.

If none of the above suggestions resolved the trouble code, contact us for further assistance.

Wires at Front of Frame

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