NuVinci / Enviolo Harmony Automatic Shifting Firmware Update - Factory Generic

Heres is a link for instructions on how to update the firmware on your NuVinci / Enviolo Automatic Shifting System - the instructions and files are also included below:

See the user guide and the installation files linked below - this requires a Windows-based PC - no Mac, Apple, or OSX.

Firmware Download and Installation

  • Please remove all old files from the C:\Program Files (x86)\FallbrookTechnologies directory
  • Download the .zip file on the bottom of this page and open it to the start installation.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the installation
  • Enviolo automatic Desktop 3.x supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10


Establish the Connection between Desktop Tool and Automatic Hub Interface

  • Disconnect Automatic main cable
  • Pull in the shown direction
  • Open Enviolo automatic desktop software
  • Current Enviolo automatic desktop software is shown. It should be version 3.0
  • Connect the computer and Enviolo AHI via USB/Mini-USB cable
  • Select "Click to connect“

  • You will see the screen „Communications established“
  • You now have the option to
    • Proceed to "enviolo automatic setup“ to configure your system
    • "Load setup from file“ to use or edit an old configuration
    • "Update firmware“ to flash the new software version

Running the Update

  • Select “Update Firmware” and select the firmware, which will be opened automatically, according to the processor, through the drive
    • New processor -> 4.0.5 as *bin file
    • Old processor -> 3.0.5 as *s19 file
  • The firmware update is run and a confirmation appears
  • Select „OK“ to return to the main screen
  • If the update fails, please reconnect the USB cable and restart the Desktop software
  • Select “Exit”, remove the USB cable and reconnect the Automatic main cable

Note: After each firmware update a new calibration is necessary and the parameter settings needs to be updated! To ensure you have the proper parameters available please save the parameters prior to the update. You will find more information on this in the system configuration section.


System Configuration

  • Select "enviolo automatic Setup“
  • Enter the bicycle configuration
    • Front cog size (# of teeth on the front sprocket)
  • Make sure to select “Bosch geared” only for Bosch Gen 2 variants
    – This has an impact on ride performance
    • Rear cog size (# of teeth on the rear sprocket)
  • Make sure to select chain only or belt compatible variant on firmware variants 3.X.X
  • Systems with 4.X.X firmware will only show one variant system Configuration

Note: In case of using a Bosch Gen 2 system, please ensure to save the latest parameter settings prior to the update, since the old parameter file will be incompatible with the new desktop software and lead to incorrect ride behavior.

  • As the next step is set up the controller
    • This is either the 3-button controller on the right side or the grip shift controller on the left side
    • For the 3-button select
  • Low cadence set point
  • Medium cadence set point
  • High cadence set point
    • For the grip shift select
  • Low cadence limit
  • High cadence limit
  • Display brightness

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