DAPU Display lock-out code

If you have set the display on your Aurora Limited or Galaxy 500 and have lost the code, please try 9631 to unlock the code. This is a master password that can unlock some displays. 

If you set the code to 0000 it turns off the passcode option.

To Change the Lock Out Code:

Enter the Display Settings by holding the SET button for 2-3 seconds. Use the + and - buttons to navigate up and down and SET to select the highlighted option.

Navigate to Advanced Settings as seen below

Select password by clicking SET.

The digit being changed will highlight in green. Use the + and - buttons to adjust between 0-9. 

Click SET to move on to the next digit.

Once all the digits have been set and saved, you will see the new code temporarily displayed. None of the digits will be highlighted green which is how you know it has been entered. Now you need to select Exit, followed by SAVE & EXIT on the following screen.

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