Black Box Programming Tablet

With the bicycle powered off, and with the battery installed - the first step is to disconnect the display panel from the main wiring harness. You can give this connection a firm pull and it will snap apart. Don't be shy - these connectors are nice and tight! See the link for an explanation of how Julet Connectors function and how to use them.

Connect the Programming tablet to the main harness plug. Make sure to align the arrows-refer to the link above about julet plugs if unsure.

The tablet will power up using the power from the e-bike battery. The first page comes up as follows. Select Ok with your finger; the tablet is the touch screen.

Select Advanced

There will be tabs labeled Basic, Pedal Assist, and Throttle. You will have to use the pictures below to enter each value into the appropriate field. To do so you have to select the desired field/square with your finger. You will get a number pad that pops up (see image below). You will enter the desired value and submit it by hitting the bottom right arrow button.

You will have to do this separately for every field until you have entered all the values (in all 3 tabs).

'Basic' Tab:

Now tap the 'Pedal Assist' button on the left side of the screen and update the values there:

Finally, tap the 'Throttle' button and update the settings there:

Once you've updated all the settings, tap the 'Write All' button to send the new settings to your bike. 

Unplug the programming box, and plug in your display.

That's it! These settings will provide more reliable operation in high draw situations - and will also provide full-throttle power regardless of assistance level setting on the display panel. You can now unplug the USB cable from your computer - and from the bicycle. Reconnect the display panel to the bike itself, ensuring the locating tab on the green connector is lined up properly.

Let us know if you have any questions!


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