Battery Care and Storage

The best way to maintain your Lithium Battery is to:

  1. Charge it frequently without letting it drop below 20-30% charge.
  2. Operate it between 30%-90% charge without discharging it fully. This will increase the charge cycles of the battery many times.
  3. Operate and store it in a cool environment as much as possible. Performance and capacity decrease in high temperatures.
  4. Store the battery in a partially charged state of 40-50%.
  5. Recondition it by using the bike normally till power drops and give it a full charge.
This implies that fully charging your battery isn't good.  That isn't the case, but you don't want it to be fully charged at all times.  The main point is to vary the level of charge.  

Regarding storage, it is always better to store the battery in a partially charged state than a fully charged state.  In fact, storing a fully charged battery shortens its life dramatically.

You shouldn't CHARGE the battery when below freezing, and whenever possible, store it in a temperature-controlled environment.

Temperature extremes can affect your battery. Please keep it within the following
temperature ranges, as suggested by the battery manufacturer.
Charging and Storage: 32 degrees to 80 degrees F (0 degrees - 28 degrees C)
Riding: -10 degrees to 110 degrees F (-23 degrees to 43 degrees C)

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