My control panel lights up but the motor does not work

There are several likely issues that may be causing this issue with the most likely culprit being the electronic brakes that each EVELO bicycle is equipped with. Please make sure your brakes are connected and are working. Loose brake cables can potentially trigger electronic brakes and prevent the motor from starting up. 

Press on the brake handles to see if the brakes engage. If not, reseat the cables in their housing to make sure they are in their right places. Under the brake levers, there is a small sensor--usually with a green sticker on it. It is held in place by one small screw, and the sensor fits into a slight depression in the brake lever housing. Make sure the sensor is in place and the screw is not loose (but use caution to not over-tighten it and break it).  Check this on both brake levers.  If the sensor is not placed properly, the controller "thinks" the brakes are being applied and power to the motor is cut off.

Check the electric wiring coming from the controller compartment and your handlebars to make sure nothing is torn or broken. Every wire is simple and easy to replace but we need to know which wire may be broken. 

Lift the rear wheel off the ground and turn the pedals a few times with your hand. If the pedal assist function engages the motor, your throttle may be broken.

The problem is most likely minor. Here is a shortlist of questions to help our team get you back on the road:

1) Do the lights on the control panel go on?

2) What kind of charge is it showing? 

3) Were the lights flickering when the bike was working?

4) Does the headlight work?

5) Is there any sound coming from the motor when the throttle is used?

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