NuVinci / Enviolo Harmony Automatic Shifting Firmware Update - EVELO Specific


The Harmony system has received a firmware update that greatly enhances the performance of the system. ("Firmware" is the computer program that runs the Harmony system.) With the new firmware and some small tweaks to the settings, the overall experience is much improved! To download the Harmony software upgrade to the latest firmware, here is the procedure. This will take about 10 minutes. You will need to use a computer for this, and the bike will need to be within a few feet of the computer so you can connect the two. The bike should be powered off.

The port for the mini-USB is on the underside of the NuVinci controller, which is attached to the chain side of the rear wheel. It's the black box near the rear wheel.

Once the cable is connected, a red light will turn on near the plug on the Harmony unit, you will still have to establish a connection from the interface and "Harmony Desktop Software" by clicking the black oval in the middle of the window. Make sure that the cord remains plugged in during the entire process.

Once connected click the right of the three circles that is labeled "update firmware".

The software will request you to choose a file to open-- it should be named something like "default.HC" or "Harmony_Firmware_4p0p5" and was downloaded with the software application. Select that file.

A pop-up window will announce whether it was successful and it will disrupt the connection.

The full instructions on how to process and upgrade the firmware are all included here:

Establish the connection again by clicking on the oval in the middle of the software window. Select the right of the 3 circles that are labeled "enviolo Automatic setup".

In the "set-up screen", got to "sprocket sizes" and input the correct size based on our generation of Aurora (SEE BELOW). Click "Send Settings to Harmony" , then Exit. Unplug the USB cord.

Gen2/BTN Aurora- 19T/46T (black or white, the serial number starts with EVELO )

Gen3/AIG Aurora- 18T/44T (black w/green accents and white w/blue accents, serial number stars with AF or AIG)

Aurora Belt- 18T/44T (has a belt, the serial number starts with AIG)

CRITICAL: Calibrate the unit before the first ride. Power on the bike and power on the Harmony system. The display at this point will have some hash marks that are bouncing off each other indicating the system requires calibration. Press and hold the silver button on the NuVinci controller and hold for about 10 seconds-- the Orange lights on the display will start to cycle up and down, indicating that the unit is in calibration mode. While supporting the rear wheel off of the ground, lightly turn the pedals or twist the throttle. Once the unit stops shifting, continue pedaling or using the throttle for about 10 seconds or until the Harmony unit stops flashing. When the rear wheel has stopped turning, set it back on the ground, and you are all set to ride!

That's it, you're ready to ride! If you prefer pedaling faster, you can adjust the auto shifting (more blue dots will be present). Fewer blue dots will get more power at a lower cadence. Explore which options work best!

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