Dash Battery Dock Removal

Remove battery.

Take the cover off the back end of the frame.

Inside the cavity of the frame you will find the plugs from the motor. Disconnect the red and black bullet connectors. Remove any cable ties or wire loom that covers the wires at the hinge.

Remove the black cover on the underside of the frame. There are 4 screws that hold the cover on.

The wiring runs through the frame as shown below. Now that the cover on the underside is off, you can move the tray within the frame. You want to pull it out of the frame and in order to do so you will need to feed the power wire forwards in the channel in order to allow the slack to move up to the dock.

Once the tray is far enough out of the frame to access the bolts that hold the tray to the docking plate you can tighten them. They are accessed from the underside of the battery tray. Afterwards you would install tray again in reverse order of removal.

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