Atlas Display Wire Harness

If you need more slack in the display wire harness on the Atlas the following cable routing can help out.

Uncoil the wire management as shown below. You can leave the upper most coils near the levers but remove the three lower ones.

Run the headlight wire between the fork legs and push the excess slack into the downtube.

Wrap a wire coil around the entire wire bundle 3-4 times where it exits the frame, then have the headlight wire leave the wire bundle and wrap the rest of the coil around the wire bundle (point A).

The display wire will not be bundled with the rest of the wires at point B. It will run free from point A up to the display.

Point B is where you wrap another coil around the brake hoses, shift cables, brake sensors, and throttle if you install it. You can wrap the last coil a bit higher up if you wish but its not necessary.

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